Working on yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.
If you don't like what you see, change it from within.
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Ready to change the world? Join me now to learn how you can by loving yourself first.


who I am

who I am

Bonjour! I’m Helene Pouwels, I’m a Leadership Coach & Business Optimisation Consultant and I’m on a mission to help this world to be a better place. I can’t do it alone; I need YOU and many more to join me on this journey. It’s time to play, to laugh, to love life and to co-create a sustainable way of living that is healthy for the planet and its species.

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What i do

By nature, you’re creative. By nature, you’re free. Whether it’s at work or at home by nature, you’re a Leader!

I help people create lasting transformative and positive change in their life. I support them to move through what holds them back, personally and/or professionally. This is one of the keys to access the authentic leader you’re born to be and transform people’s lives.

With my BOSS program I help passionate body experts & leaders becoming world class business optimisation expert. The competition is increasing and with innovations as a top priority you can stand out. What’s felt in reflects out! When your team is engaged, creativity at its highest, retention of key team members is optimal, your customer satisfaction is effortless and profitability is maximised. Education is the key for your team growth and wellbeing.

With my BODY LOVE program I help women falling in love with themselves and getting the body they desire and deserve. In this program I’m sharing the techniques and tools you need to affect the whole body and more.

From the busy professionals to the very busy mums, I work with people who are serious about playing more, making money from their games, having fun, loving life, kick some serious goals and make a difference in this world!

We’re leaders in many life contexts, as partner, community member, parent; we’re using those skills on a daily basis. My programs put a focus on supporting you to free yourself from your history and conditioning and access the real YOU: the one who was born to lead authentically! To have a life by your design!

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  • Women Leadership Program & Events

    Are you ready to become the best version of yourself, increase your self-awareness and learn how to reach your physical goals by optimizing the Mind Body Spirit system and fall in love with yourself. Did you know you can affect the genes expression with your thoughts? The BODY LOVE program helps you identify and shift the current program that is holding you back from accessing your true potential and reaching your health and wellness goals, get your ideal body, and gain self-confidence.

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  • Corporate Training

    Innovation, well-being, leadership are more than just trendy words. They are interconnected. When people feel good and know themselves, they access their inner creative genius and become the leader they’re meant to be. Hierarchical ladders are leaving space to collaborative working groups. Efficiency has to be cultivated from within. It becomes the culture.

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  • Business Optimization

    I work on all business aspects and can help you optimize yours head to toes and bring it to a world class efficiency level. I’ll help you and your team learn, grow, engage and take more initiative; become more creative. A strong team increases efficiency, sales, and is happier at work.

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Get inspiration, motivational tips, and free training to become an authentic leader in all areas of life. I cover topics such as mindfulness, balancing work and the rest of life, parenting, and more.

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The person I was:

Trying to please others, getting caught up in drama, getting upset by other people’s actions, always asking myself “why?”, seeing things from my own perspective, frustrated with my business, finances and lack of growth for my hard work and effort.

Who I am now (1 year later):

Embrace change and positive mindset, growth, seeing things from other people’s perspective, being myself openly, conquering any lows and leading/changing into highs vibrating into such a positive mind that attracts quality, sincere friends, clients, taking time for self care, looking after myself physically and mentally because when I’m well everything else is too!

– Kristal

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