Working on yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.
If you don't like what you see, change it from within.
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Ready to change? Join me now to learn how you can by living your purpose.


who I am

who I am

My name is Helene Pouwels and I help people create lasting, transformative, and positive changes in their life – starting with themselves.

It’s time to TRUST, to LOVE, and to PLAY and therefore to LEAD naturally in co-creating a sustainable way of living that is healthy for the planet and its species.

Work with me

I work with people who are serious about:

  • playing more and having fun,
  • making a positive impact in their communities, 
  • kicking some serious personal and professional goals
  • whilst leading this world to become a better place by just being authentic.

From DIY online programs, 1-on-1 sessions to group sessions, I have a diverse range of products and services to help you become the empowered, confident, emotionally intelligent leader, and the best version of yourself.

We’re leaders in many life contexts, as partners, community members, parents; we’re using those skills on a daily basis. My work put focuses on supporting you to free yourself from your history and conditioning and access the real YOU: the one who was born to lead naturally and authentically. To have a purposeful & joyful life!


    Whether it is with my business optimization program, 1-on-1 sessions, or team training, I help body experts & leaders create the best ecosystem for their business.

    The competition is increasing and with innovations, as a top priority you can stand out.

    What’s felt in reflects out! When your team is engaged, self-aware and emotionally intelligent, retention of key team members is optimal, your customer satisfaction is effortless and profitability is maximized.

    The choice of your industry was made from passion and I’m here to support you to become a skyrocket business expert and authentic leader.

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What others have to say

“In working with Helene, I realized how important it was to invest in our team’s well-being. The sessions not only allow the team to heighten their level of emotional intelligence but to also enhance their level of self-awareness and engagement leading to a benefit in our company’s overall culture.”

Simon Nawrocki

Co-founder Focus Osteopathy


Become the best
version of yourself

Get inspiration, motivational tips, and free training to become an authentic leader in all areas of life.

I cover topics such as emotional intelligence, efficiency, work-life balance, parenting and more.

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What others have to say

“All areas of my life are reaping the rewards of working with Helene. The person benefiting the most is me. And like a ripple effect, those around me also benefit. As my energy & vibrancy lifts, those around me feel it too. I have much more confidence and can be a role model for my girls.”

Karen Stach

Silver Leader doTerra

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