Working on yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.
If you don't like what you see, change it from within.
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I envision a world where humans are free & in peace. I’m on a mission to help people to feel amazing about themselves and lead this change.

In life, we’re expected to wear all sorts of different hats: the perfect parent, the adoring lover, the driven business type, etc. But, what if there was just one hat that fit you perfectly? A hat that you can’t wait to put on every morning and strut around in.

After finishing my double master’s degree in business management and optimisation, I set off to help big international corporations, in UK, France, Spain, Belgium, and Mexico, find better ways to be more efficient and engage their teams.

It’s impossible to truly optimise a business, without motivating and optimising its people. Employees wellbeing determine customer satisfaction.

As my corporate career progressed, I found myself naturally leaning towards leadership development. I’ve studied and earned accreditation in mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming, coaching, natural medicine techniques and energy healing. Having a deep understanding of how people operate physically, mentally, and emotionally helped me master a unique approach to leadership, one that starts with taking all of those fragmented hats and sewing them together to create something that is totally new, but totally you.

We’re leaders by nature, whether it’s at work or at home. Since moving to Australia in 2005, I’ve also come to appreciate another side to leadership: motherhood. I’ve always been concerned about the state of our planet Earth and its species including us humans. I want to share these values with my twin boys and I’m so proud having sons who love helping others as much as they love skateboarding!

You don’t have to constantly switch hats to be successful. You can be brilliant at your job, raise compassionate children, contribute to your community, AND have fun! That’s who a real leader is, and the journey there starts with self-love.

I know how easy it’s to fall in the footsteps of our parents, and how easy it’s to succumb to society’s conditioning, despite our best efforts. When I got pregnant, I worried I was repeating family history. But, just like I helped those big businesses find better ways to do things, I found a way to wear my one authentic hat…and wear it with pride.

Get out your sewing kit, because I’m going to help you do the same.

Bisous, A tres vite,



When you open yourself to give, you’re telling the universe you accept that money, love, compassion, and health are abundant, and you attract more of these things.

“You cannot receive what you don’t give. Outflow determines inflow.”
Eckhard Tolle

When you give, you’re helping others to realise that abundance as well.

That’s why a portion of everything you purchase here goes back to help social causes. I believe we all have a responsibility to leave this earth better than we found it, and to empower the next generation to do even greater changes.

Our planet and people are suffering, and it’s up to people like you and me to support a new way of thinking, help those in need, and share these values with our children.

I take pride in supporting causes that I love.

Causes I support

I believe everyone should have the right and access to education, and the basics for good health like clean water and nutritious food. There are many people whose basic needs are not being met. I support organisations who are making a difference in the world by helping people gain the healthy minds and healthy bodies needed to create better communities.

Here are some associations I support:
Pencils of Promise
The Hunger Project Australia

My play time

I’m a very passionate being and I’ve always been excited by many things. Here is a list of my top hobbies:

  • Playing with my sons (they help me growing up staying young)
  • Imagining world saving solutions (I’ve got a good one on quantum economics)
  • Kitesurfing (holidays without wind aren’t real holidays)
  • Listening & playing music and dancing (biensur)
  • Anything on wheels (skate, bike “cafe racing”) and that slides (snowboard)
  • Coffee (under 2 i’m under control)
  • Cooking & sharing a lovely meal (and chocolate)
  • Learning new stuff & meeting new people
  • Being in complete Nature

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