The path to your complete rebirth and wellbeing

Before I joined I was struggling to come to terms with a few things that most people do - body image, career, confidence (both mentally and physically), self worth, etc….

What I really focused on in this 8-week program was acceptance of myself. I now truly believe Body Love’s slogan that ‘the answer to saving the planet is to love yourself’. The journey Body Love takes you on helps you to open up and release parts of you that were previously weighed down. It's not easy but it frees you.

I got amazing value for money from the program. If I had known how much Body Love would help me I would never have felt any hesitation.

I am happier, more energised, more organised and more confident. My personal life is what I focused on in the initial 8-week program, however for the remainder of the 40 weeks I will re-visit for other aspects of my life such as career. My friends and family have noticed a huge change in my energy over the past couple of months.

I would recommend anyone that is wanting more out of their life to do this program - whether it is for one’s self confidence, to make peace with one’s self, to help figure out your relationship or career path - the one thing you will need to be prepared for is to dig deep into your background and be honest with yourself.

- Rachel McVea

BODY LOVE is 100% Success guaranteed if you do it step by step, complete all exercises and tasks
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If  you realise that BODY LOVE is not a fit for you before week 3, you get fully refunded.
  • 8-week Online Program
    12-week Support

  • Weekly Videos & Audios (approx. 1h content)
  • Weekly exercises (min 2h, max as long as you wish)
  • Group Calls (weekly up to week 8 and then 2 extra calls up to week 12 - approx. 1h each)
  • Daily Tasks (min 20 min, max 1h)
  • Weekly Extra Resources
  • Group Forum & Discussions
  • Email support

  • 8-week Online Program
    12-week Support
    + Coaching sessions with Helene

  • BODY LOVE Program
  • +
  • 6 one-on-one Coaching Sessions (via phone or skype)
  • 8-day fully inclusive retreat in Bali
    + BODY LOVE delivered live by Helene
  • 8 nights in  luxurious accomodation 
  • 6 half-days BODY LOVE delivery + access to the online version with full support for 12 weeks 
  • All meals included from Sat lunch until the following Sunday breakfast
  • Welcome and farewell local traditional ceremonies
  • 2 x 60 min of spa treatments of your choice
  • Daily yoga, training and meditation sessions
  • 1 full day of local escape full of suprises
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