BOSS - Successful internal wellbeing

In this section it’s all about your internal wellbeing and how to make sure it’s Successful.

Successful internal wellbeing is the element that will help you reaching the Successful customer experience previously looked out.

We often expect our People to do things the way we would and they way we think is the right way. And we are so different, with different background and the information we receive does not help us seeing thing eye for eye.

It’s important to have internal processes, models, and documents, measures that allow you to keep monitoring your results, your People achievements and their wellbeing.

In a first part, you’ll learn discover motivation models that can help you better understanding your team.

Secondly, you’ll learn how to support their career growth (your business results really) and you’ll design a model to support them in achieving & performing.

Finally, you’ll see how important is to support their personal development and you’ll design a tool to help you keeping track of that.

I wish you a great time learning, searching and designing and I look forward sharing more with you.

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