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If you don't like what you see, change it from within.
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Christmas: the perfect time to make peace

We land on earth with a few lessons to integrate. Whatever we don’t learn with our parents and siblings, we get to learn it with our partners and kids.

Whatever we dislike in our parents is often what we’ve inherited the most from them. And if we don’t take responsibility for it, we have to see it in our partners, our children and more.

This will happen until we face our own self and realise that it was inside all the way along. And from within only, we can shift it.

A couple of weeks ago, I was planning to make a video on the importance of making peace with our family to share with you today. The very next day, a client of mine, explained me feeling quite emotional regarding a long-term family argument.

Being part of my online program, she was on the journey to take full responsibility for everything that was happening in her life. She was aware that she wanted to teach her own children the values of family bond, forgiveness, love and more.

We can get court up on what happened or what has been said (a long time ago even) and making peace can be difficult. When we understand that whatever we are doing today is part of building our children programs, it can be much easier to move on from this stuck situation.

This incredible woman had realised that she wanted her children to access better resources. She didn’t want to be split between her own children in a decade or more.

She discussed her reasoning with her husband who also wants the best for their children and they’ve decided to spend Christmas with their entire family for the first time in years.

It took one person’s awareness to shift an entire family. This made me so happy!

This is what Christmas is about: the opportunity to forgive and join family together.

Yes sometimes shit has hit the fan and “bad things” happened or have been said. But whatever is not resolved keeps affecting us and we end up at full effect of that person or that past event.

We think we move on by deciding not to see them again but it’s suppressed and it grows inside.

When I hear people in conflict with someone in their family, I always explain that making peace is about giving yourself space to grow and avoid having to repeat similar events or situations over and over. When you make peace, it’s for YOU that you’re doing it.

When I dislike something I observe in my parents or sister, I take it as an amazing opportunity for me to grow and look for that same “thing” within me.

We all see the worlds through our own eyes and the chance of accessing the same information is very narrow. If we can keep in mind the intention of others and go back up to their top purpose, we end up with very similar “WHY”.

At the end of the day, we all want to be HAPPY!

I want my boys to maintain healthy relationships with their family. I want them to feel free to express what they feel and also forgive themselves and others. As parents we are LEADERS and it’s our role to teach them the best values to integrate for their life.

The best gift we can give our parents or children is to maintain peace with everyone in our family.

I’m here in France for a month and I’ve decided to take a break of work and spend this precious time with them. I will not be committing to my weekly tips until I’m back home.

I strongly recommend you to observe others and find within yourself what you see in them. We have to design from within what we want to see outside.

What a gift our family gives us by showing deep hidden sides of who we are.

Here you have a list of videos that can help you:

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I wish you a fantastic Christmas time with your family and loved ones.

With all my heart xx


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