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how to get out of stuckness

How to get out of stuckness

We all feel stuck at some stage in our life. It can be in our career, in a relationship or in any context of our life.

Feeling stuck is not a nice feeling. It is a feeling of not being in charge of our life at all but being at effect of the situation….

How to get out of this unproductive feeling of stuckness?

How do we move forward and establish where is that forward?


Slow the Mind

Firstly, by nature, we think a lot. And, unless we have a daily meditation practice, those thoughts can be quite limiting.

When we feel stuck, we overthink it. We list over and over, all the things that are not working and all the reasons why it is not working?

Thinking about the past or the future can bring regrets and anxiety. The more time we spend in the NOW, the greater is our happiness.  

Our thoughts shape our reality and being conscious of them is crucial. If you haven not yet watched my videos on How to think positive & How to meditate, go and watch them: www.helenepouwels.com.

My first tip is and will always be to SLOW THE MIND. By slowing it, you give yourself a chance to watch your thoughts, catch them and change them when needed.

Establish what’s important for you

Our values are what is important to us.

The first thing to do when feeling stuck is to think about what is important to us. 

In the context of work for example, what is important to you?

For me, it is freedom!

As I have 2 beautiful kids and being a single mum, I want to be able to drop them and pick them up from school. I also want to be able to take time with them when they are on holidays.

Coming from France (originally), I also want to be able to take them to my family regularly.

I list all the things that matter to me in this context: Creativity / Helping others / Connecting etc….

Then, compare your current situation to your Values.

Which one do you access with your current situation?

Which one you do not access by being in this current situation?

Are you willing to let those values go?

Or do you want to change the situation to access them all? 

Design your ideal situation 

We spend so much time judging the current situation and observing how bad it is.  

We actually should spend this precious time designing the best situation.  

What would be the best situation for me right now?

In the context of work for example, if I design my best situation, I ask myself those questions:

In the best situation:  

What do I do with my time?

What do I wear to go to work?

Where do I work?

With who am I working?

How long do I work for?

How much do I earn?

How do I feel waking up?

At what time do I wake up?

I list a huge list of questions to be as specific as possible about my ideal situation! I paint and design it.

I also make sure the answers are realistic! 

What resources do you need?

Now that you have your Optimal Success situation, think about those questions: 

What resources do you need to get there?

You may need special skills, tools, and contacts to be able to get there.

What resources do you have already to get there?

You already have some resources needed and this is where you put them. 

What resources do you need and don’t have yet?

Some resources you may not have yet, so which one are they?

What do you need to do to access them?

Do you need to find someone that can provide them?

Do you need to learn something new? 


I would love to tell you that those previous points were enough for you to get to what is best for you but no…. 

Now, DO IT

Take that course!

Find that person that completes you… 

It is now time to move towards your dream!


HAVE FUN with it; treat it as a game and reward yourself for taking the time to connect with yourself.

I hope this video will help in reaching your goals.

Reward yourself for taking the time to connect with yourself.

Remember that everything starts from within and the shortcut to save the planet is to LOVE YOURSELF!

Thank you so much for reading, watching & sharing.

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