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Helene Pouwels mindfulness tips

10 options to practice Mindfulness while being active

When I start talking about meditation, I always get one of those 2 reactions if not both:

  • It’s impossible for me to keep my mind quiet
  • I don’t have the time to sit, I’m too busy

The good news is that Mindfulness can be practiced actively while “doing things” and therefore it’s not taking any time away from us.  

It’s actually the opposite because we end up very productive and efficient. The act of being present really improves our yield in doing whatever we are doing.

Here is an article that talks about the link between Mindfulness and Efficiency

In this video I share with you 10 Mindfulness practice options to give you ideas on how to practice while being busy. The list is endless and you can find your own options in relation to your own schedule.

The key is to pick up one and stick to it daily. And when this is a habit, add another one and so on.

I guarantee you that this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE so just do it and enjoy the shift!


Now I would love to hear from you. Do you have any other tips on how to apply mindfulness in our busy life? If you do practice in a specific context and it works for you, please share it with us.


  • Showering

Check my video on “How to Manifest? ”where I share a tip on how to play with time

  • Cooking

Check my video on “10 tips to keep your energy level high” where I share insights about the energy in food

  • With Kids

Check my video on “Motherhood: how to stop feeling guilty” where I share a tip on using Mindfulness with them

  • Exercising

Please check this video on the Power of our thoughts: https://youtu.be/-v-IMSKOtoE

  • Making Love

David Deida has a real amazing book collection such as these:


Diana Richardson is amazing also and I strongly recommend her book The art of Tantric Sex:




I hope this video will help in reaching your goals.

Reward yourself for taking the time to connect with yourself.

Remember that everything starts from within and the shortcut to save the planet is to LOVE YOURSELF!

Thank you so much for reading, watching & sharing.

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