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Are you ready for Feb Fast

I’ve changed so much in 11 years, I let go of some bad habits I had in France and added heaps of great ones with my daily routines.

Since I’m a “mind” expert, I help people understanding their program inherited from childhood. Yes childhood is when the magic happens. And sadly, by the age of 5, the unconscious mind is set.

We are conscious 5% of the time, the remaining 95% is when we run this program on auto-pilot mode.

I practice Mindfulness on a daily basis to give myself a chance to increase that share of “time spent consciously” and I still fall back into my “not too good” old habits so easily.

Let me give you an example: in Australia I took the good habit (overtime) of drinking alcohol in rare occasions. The desire of having a glass of wine after a long week or a fresh beer after a long hot day has completely disappeared overtime.

I need a really good reason to have a glass. And since I drink rarely, the effect I have from doing it isn’t that pleasant. I’m quickly tipsy and would fall under the “cheap drinker” category easily.

Travelling to France during Christmas time was challenging as I was catching up with so many friends and family members and each meal became a “very rare occasion” to “tchin” a french champagne.

The tipsiness took more and more time to be reached and soon enough, I was back into my old shoes or “smelly socks” may I say!

The sugar in those amazing wines and champagnes kept me awake later at night and my early meditations dropped out consequently.

It was a “domino effect” and I decided that I would use New Year’s Eve resolutions to wear my Aussie shoes in France and change those socks 🙂

And I arrived at my friends who had bought some lovely champagne to welcome me and I couldn’t say no. My French personality has much less will power than my Australian one.

A month later, my heart wanted to stay but my liver had enough.  I was looking forward being Australian again and be healthy and I’m super excited to be back for FEB FAST!

Feb Fast is such a smart invention. How many of us have resolutions to start on the 1st of each year and they get killed with the festivities that come with that particular month. But Feb fast is taking this into account.

I firstly heard of Feb Fasting when I arrived here. I’m  a fan of learning to be more conscious of our unhealthy auto-pilot decisions such as smocking on a daily basis, pouring a glass of wine after work and more.

Having a conscious break of that kind of habit is extremely powerful since it enhances will power. Will power is directly linked with self-esteem and the more you grow you will power, the stronger it gets and the more you feel good about yourself for being so strong.

 Will power is a muscle and the more you practice, the more you grow it. It gets easier and easier each time.

Fasting has tremendous detoxing powers and Feb fast can help the body to rest from the daily toxins that come from those habits. 

The idea of Feb Fast is to give up something you love and do on a daily basis. I love coffee and chocolate and they are the things I do on a daily basis. They are the things I would really struggle to give up. Therefore they are the things I probably should fast on. Only taping it hurts me to be honest.

What’s your thing? I mean, what’s your naughty daily thing you would struggle to give up? Is it TV? Alcohol? Sugar? 

I’d like to invite you to join me for Feb Fast. Fasting in a group is powerful because you get the strength of the group.

Make sure you pick the thing that would be the tougher to get rid of! And please join me in this incredible opportunity to increase of wellbeing and freedom.

Who is in? Shoot me an email on or even a comment on my facebook page or in the comments below.

I’d love to know who is in the Feb Fast challenge with me and make sure we keep each other motivated! The more the merrier. I hope to hear form you! 


With all my heart xx


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