Working on yourself is the best gift you can give to the world.
If you don't like what you see, change it from within.

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Working with Helene

I was born in a family of entrepreneurs and business acumen is in my blood from birth. I absolutely love efficiency in its core and can apply it to anything.

I’m also passionate about health & well-being and love working with the Mind-Body-Soul system. Which again, is the most efficient way to optimize our overall health & well-being.

When setting up my business, I thought I had to chose between those two worlds. It was difficult because I love them both.

For some reasons, I thought I had to make a choice between working with women or with business owners. And that’s when I realized that there is no such choice to make.

Both are complementary and as long as I work with my tribe: people who care about people, I can easily work in both areas.

If you are a woman and want to reach your highest potential, I’ve designed a series of programs for you. They are very close to my heart because I’ve been applying all the tools & techniques shared for my own personal development. Caring about self is a gift for those who surround us. Refer to the Women program & events tab or here.

If you are a business owner working in the service industry and if your mission is to help others with their overall health & well-being: I’ve developed a Business Optimisation program just for you. You will absolutely love it and we’re going to work step by step on the main 6 pillars and areas of your business together. Check the Business optimisation tab or here.

If you are a leader working in a business (yours or not) or working in a corporation, I do offer 1-on-1 coaching. Please contact me so we can meet. I’m very selective with who I work with and only take a small number of 1-on-1 clients. My top priority is working with like minded people. People who are ready to make great impact in this world. Refer to the 1-on-1 Coaching tab or here.

If you lead a team or you’re looking for some cutting edge Leadership Training or/and motivational presentation, contact me, again: 100% Success Guaranteed. Just be prepared for your team’s shift (and yours). Check the Speaking & Training tab or click here.

I’m really excited to share all that I have with you and Your Success being mine, I will give you 100% of what I have with 100% Success Guaranteed!

Let’s get started!


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